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ahhhh your kitten is so cute *U*

i know uwu, he’s adorable and cute and oh so tiny too


yep, he is ridiculously adorable

so we’ve had our cute kitten since sunday and he’s now used to the house (well, the downstairs, he’s made no attempts to go upstairs, i don’t think he can walk upstairs yet bless) and hes very adorable and he pretty much sleeps all the time because he’s only a baby and he loves to have things wrapped slightly around him when he’s asleep (he’s taken to using a teddy bear as a pillow) and he does the adorable thing where he’ll wake up, sit up for a second then wrap up again and go back to sleep in a different position. and yeah, he’s adorable and he’s called jasper uwu

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I mean any waxing is going to hurt a lot. If I ever want a super smooth shave (haha yeah right), I usually use Veet depilatory cream

tbh I use hair removal cream on certain parts of my body and i think i might just start using it on my legs and stuff too. The only problem is it doesn’t last very long for me before the hair comes back and that’s why i wanted to try out waxing idk

karen jackson meme

     ↳ 9 outfits


↳ SN 1.01-1.06

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Happy Birthday, Osric Chau! (July 20, 1986)


bust comm for spicydean who wanted kieren walker in a pastel sweater with a flower crown~ i’ve wanted to draw this cute undead cutie ever since i finished the show so heck ya man i hope i did him justice lol


bust comm for spicydean who wanted kieren walker in a pastel sweater with a flower crown~ i’ve wanted to draw this cute undead cutie ever since i finished the show so heck ya man i hope i did him justice lol

cersei-the-truth-bombardier answered your post: so i decided to try waxing because the…

You can make your own out of honey & sugar. Ask the internet to confirm but I think it’s like 1/4 c honey 1/2 c sugar, warm & stir.

hmm I’ll have a look but i’m not sure whether I could be bothered in making it every time i wanted to wax (I prefer the lazy way out tbh)

amebuschaos said: tho i really don’t know, i’m one of those hardcore bitches who use a silképil…
amebuschaos answered: if you have been shaving for a long time, your hair it’s gonna be hard to rip out for any wax, but probably warm wax will work better (?)

Yeah, it was warm wax that I tried but it pulled /some/ hair out but not lots and lots. I think maybe because it was a cheap one, it wasn’t as good a product? Or I’m just failing at using it, seeing as I’ve never used it before.

(Also, epilators look terrifying to me, you are braver than I am)

pelewenlz said: I used to use GiGi creme wax for sensitive skin and it worked for me it might help to also try new techniques if things aren’t working the way you want them to waxing is mostly trial and error tbh

i shall have to check that one out, thank you!

thedalekmaster said: It may be more expensive, but try getting it done professionally the first time, then ask them about brands. Also, let your hair grow a little before you get it done so the was is more effective. *tips from a guy who waxes…*

yeah, i let my hair grow a little bit (it’s long enough for waxing anyway).

idk maybe i just didn’t use it right? 

You know who’s amazing? My good friend, Jess Dyball.


I’m sure you’ve all seen me reblogging her gofundme link, but in case you haven’t yet: here it is.

Why should I donate? I’m glad you asked! Jess is raising funds to travel around the US later this year to further inform her research into the role of craftivism in mental health treatment, specifically eating disorders. What the hell does that mean? Well, ED treatment is less-than-adequate (to say the least) in Australia right now. But you know what is working? Patients creating. Telling their stories. Making art. As craft is nearly always part of a subversive history (because of its inherently gendered nature), it provides the option for telling subversive stories. For breaking free of the patriarchy-dominated treatment options available. For another way to go about providing treatment beyond the (obviously crucial) medical options. However, there’s next to no information available about this stuff (or about the processes behind ED treatment in Australia at all, if we really want to get into it), so, we need research. We need people like Jess.

Where can I find more information? Jess’ honours project began this research, and the blog documenting it is open-access. Her abstract is also available here.

I cant’t/don’t want to donate, is there something else I can do? Yes! You can reblog this, or the link to the gofundme. There’s a giveaway you can enter if you’d like a potential reward for your trouble. You could also buy some of her amazing work or something she’s selling to raise money.

Orphan Black Poster by Me

Orphan Black Poster by Me